Home Hill Chamber of Commerce President’s Report 2011-12

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The following is my report to the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce when I was president in 2012.


It gives me great pleasure to present the 2011-12 annual report, my third one for the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce.

As a Chamber we have tried our best to represent the community at large and the business interests of Home Hill.


At present our membership is approx. 53.  Attendance at our monthly meetings has shown an average of about 10.

Our secretary

Our secretary of the last three years Mrs Mari Finn resigned from her position earlier this year.  Marie carried out her secretarial duties with dedication and most times above and beyond her call of duty.

Mr. Allan Finn then took up the vacant position but due to family commitments he also had to resign.

Our new secretary is now Mrs Helene Haack and I know she will give it her best shot, as this is not an easy job.

Special Thanks

Also my thanks to our treasurer Mrs Karin MacKaig, let’s not forget our I.T. wiz and Vice President Jim Ashworth without the dedication of the executive committee these people and the rest of the chamber members, nothing would happen in our town of Home Hill.

We thank our council representee councillor Lou Loizou, for the many years of input and attendance at Chamber meetings.

New businesses

New businesses have opened in Home Hill throughout the year and we wish them all the best.

The Chamber would like to encourage these new businesses and the farming community to become members, as we need your voice for a better Home Hill.

Infrastructure Improvements

Burdekin Shire Council improvements to the town throughout the year included the form of new road works to widen streets and avenues with bitumen, planting of trees and the care of parks and gardens.

It must work as tourists always offer compliments on our tidy town, clean pool and above all the friendliness of the people of Home Hill.

Guest Speakers

Our guest speakers covered a wide variety of topics throughout the year making our meetings enjoyable, and contributed to developing a sense of community. We will have more speakers in the future.

Christmas Lights Competition

The Christmas Lights Competition was made possible through the generous sponsorship from Telstra providing $750 in prize money.

Christmas Draw

The Christmas Draw was another success story for Home Hill.

Centennial Celebrations

We are midway through the Centennial celebrations of the Home Hill district, we appreciate the efforts of those who have given their time to make this a memorable occasion.

Colourful Banners

More colourful banners will soon be in place to brighten up and create a festive atmosphere along the eastern side of 8th Avenue, advertising the centennial of a great little town.

My sincere thanks to the Home Hill Community Bendigo Bank who financed this project and with the help of the Burdekin Shire Council we hope to have them up for the harvest festival.

Digital Town Clock and New Welcome Sign

The digital town clock has finally made it to Home Hill arriving in October 2011and was soon installed, one facing south and the other facing north.  Many thanks for the generosity of Norm and Ann Marie Hudson of Maxi Built for the installation.

Also thanks to Jim Ashworth for the calibration of the clock that features the time, date and temperature and we hope we can count on Jim in the future if needed.


In conclusion, I hope that the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce will continue to be the voice of the Home Hill people.

Home Hill is a great place to live, a great place to bring up our kids and a great place to retire.

Uli Liessmann

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