Newsletter 21 – January 2017

A new year and I hope all will have a safe and healthy 2017.

Changes to our personal and business lives are happening so fast I didn’t even see 2016 go by but then when you are having fun time flies.

Pensioners Better Off?

So, we start the New Year where “pensioners will be better off after getting their pension reduced and also loosing vital concessions” so said a spokesman for Social Services Minister Christian Porter but I might add no mention of the many retired Politian’s having their pay cut so that they will be better off.

Is Home Hill Prepared?

In the last newsletter no. 20 I questioned if Home Hill has been forgotten by Council and should the Burdekin area be affected by a major weather system would Home Hill be prepared?

Well I’m informed that the emergency services cover the entire Burdekin region and that they are prepared as humanly possible.

Should Home Hill be cut off from the rest of the shire Council will have such equipment as will deem necessary to alleviate any problems within reason at such time.

Remember there is no substitute for self-preparedness for doing the right thing for yourself your home and family and not have to rely on outside help.  Getting yourself ready is everything.

Remember help might be some time away also there might not be power, water or phones – so stock up remembering that it is better to be prepared and not have to experience major weather conditions would be a bonus.

I will say we will have local flooding problems and this is frightening – knowing what might and could happen and are powerless to stop it from happening which is why it needs to be addressed now not just talked about forever.

For more information on Council Disaster Management Arrangements please go to this web site.

Should you not have access to a computer due to power cuts, printed information will be placed on the window of Home Hill Newsagency.

These are my personal views only.

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