Newsletter 22 – February 2017

$2.93 million Work for Queensland Grant

The start of a New Year and right into a good news week.

I can’t believe it but it’s true. There are some exciting opportunities on the horizon.

This has got to be a positive outlook with funding from the Queensland Government for Work for Queensland Program the Burdekin Shire Council received $2.93 million and this money must be spent before the end of the year so we will see some good changes and soon.

So now you are asking what’s in it for me and what do I get, well nothing for the individual but a lot for the community across the Burdekin.

I’m happy to say that a significant amount will end up on this side of the river such as the following long awaited projects:

  • Fourth Street kerb and channelling
  • Funny Dunny Park upgrade which will be a plus for the Home Hill local beach
  • Much needed Shade Cover over the skate park
  • Home Hill Transfer station asphalt upgrade
  • Home Hill caravan park internal roads upgrade.

Now remember these are and will be positive outcomes for everyone in the Burdekin.

Workable Council Budget

The next few months are going to be particularly busy trying to bring down a workable budget.

There will to be significant challenges if Council wants to deliver on community expectations and above all to make it affordable to the ratepayer.  Council will be having many discussions in regard as to what is best and affordable with minimal rate increase, keeping in mind if you want it you pay for it, in other words a rate increase.

Fighting for the Lowest Possible Increase

I will be fighting for the lowest possible increase where everyone pays a fair share with no freebies and no cuts for special interest groups, as some families are doing it tough, as well as small business who employ a few people.

Right now no one can afford to lose their job as there are no other jobs to go to. This is the reality.

What about You

Are you concerned with the upcoming budget?  Let me know what you think.

These are my personal views only.

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