Newsletter 25 – June 2017

Council draft Corporate Plan

So did anyone read the Council draft Corporate Plan 2017 – 2022 that was advertised in the Advocate May the 3rd?

I admit it is heavy going and takes a bit to get your head around.

It is a forecast of what council has planned and among other things the pursuit of continuous improvement but how do you measure this?

The Corporate Plan can be reviewed at any time to help improve it, in other words it is an ongoing project.

What was missing in the Corporate Plan I thought was the public had a right to know what are the Regional Priority Projects so as to get a picture of where council was heading and what funding was needed from state or federal  government.

Water Aerators

We are a step closer after many years with the replacement of the aerators on the Home Hill water tower having received favourable quotes, will keep you posted on this one.

Local Drainage

The rain again tested the local drainage, a sore point with many rate payers on this side of the river – and yes, I know it’s a major problem all over the Burdekin Shire.

Four big drainage problems for Home Hill Township are:

  • First to Second Street
  • Third Avenue
  • Fourteen Avenue and of course
  • Sixteenth Street

Let me say the problems is getting nastier every year.


The banners for 8th Avenue have been ordered and will be put up as soon as they are delivered.

I know it has been a long time in the making.

Inkerman Hill Project

Inkerman Hill project is well on its way as the lookout structures have been ordered, colours have been picked and I hope we will be able to incorporate a compass in the concrete floor to make it more interesting – as long as we get north pointing in the right direction – I would hate to confuse anyone.

Home Hill Library

For the Home Hill library user the good news is at present council is conducting an internal upgrade which includes new carpet among other things.

Lloyd Man Park Ephemera

With the help of the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) the Home Hill Harvest Festival this year will be holding a new event Ephemera.  In layman terms this is a sculpture exhibition to be held for approximately six weeks over the festival period in Lloyd Man Park.

This is a first for the Burdekin and anyone can enter this competition, you need to fill out an entry form plus you must meet conditions.

Now this sculptor or public art can be made of any material what so ever and the bigger the better. You can make it yourself or as a combined effort with your friends.

Cut loose and use your imagination.  You will never know what you can come up with and I’m willing to help with suggestions.

Maybe this could be a chance for you or anyone to be famous.

These are my personal views only.

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