Newsletter 26 – August 2017

Winter is here, with, cooler weather, the crushing has started let’s hope it’s a good one because the district as a whole needs it.

Power Price Increases

It’s just unbelievable that there are going to be more power price increases, this will lead to more business big and small to go the wall and here we are talking job losses state wide. Not to mention the average Burdekin family where will the extra money come from?

Question, when will it stop or will it ever stop.

Upcoming Election

Had a visit from Mike Brunker the ALP candidate for Burdekin. The first man off the mark to do the rounds, he met and spoke to quiet a few people here in the shop trying to find out what he can do for Home Hill for the upcoming election.

In case you don’t know Mike is a councillor and former Mayor of Whitsunday (Bowen). I have not seen or heard from the other candidates but there is still time.

Works for Queensland

Works for Queensland was a great move by the Queensland Government to help shires throughout North Queensland but, and here I go again, I thought that the north side of the shire got a disproportionate larger amount than this side of the river.

I have brought this up in council and we have just got to wait and see what happens next and I don’t need an excuse of why this is so.

Wall Art Murals

But on the bright side Home Hill, with funding from Works for Queensland and with permission from the property owners, there are three Murals to be painted at the comfort stop this will help to brighten up the area.

Hopefully our wall art will be talked about all over Australia with the help of the travelling public, will be a cheap way of advertising Home Hill.

Colourful Shade Sails

Another project I would like to see is colourful shade sails at the comfort stop for the coming summer; I have this one on the wish list…

New BBQ Shelter

A great project by council for Home Hill is a BBQ shelter to be installed in Lloyd Mann Park and this could be finished by the time you read this newsletter.

This will be of great benefit for the coming summer months not to mention a safe haven from flying fox droppings should they increase in the park.  Council must stay on top of this never-ending problem.

Should we Fly the Australian Flag

Do you think we should fly the Australian flag in 8th Avenue Home Hill?

I believe we should, to show that we are proud of where we live and who we are. I would be happy to donate the first flag. Now all we need is a flag pole and somewhere to install it.

With the Home Hill Chambers backing and Council and Main Road permission etc. etc. It could happen.

Banners for 8th Avenue

It’s been a long wait but the banners for 8th Avenue are almost ready to be put up.

Better late than never.

Welcome to Home Hill sign

You will also have noticed the Welcome to Home Hill sign with the town clock in 8th Avenue has been removed for repainting and repair it will be back soon.

Choral Society

On closing have you ever been to a Choral Society night?

If not, do yourself a favour – bring some friends and attend the next one it’s a great night out with a lot of laughs.

These are my personal views only.

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