Council Budget Wish List for 2019

Water Tank

For 2019

The following is my wish list for Council to consider in 2019.  In no particular order.

  • Water storage in Ayr, Giru and Home Hill.
  • More footpaths and a “Be Active Trail” project in Home Hill.
  • Allow more funding for Burdekin Community Association (BCA).
  • Rectify problems with tile mosaic in the water fountain at the Comfort Stop.
  • Need gofer access to swimming pool.
  • Install Disable Toilets to all swimming pools.
  • The installation of more seating and tables in Plantation Park and Lloyd Mann Park.
  • A footpath from Lloyd Mann Park to Ashworth’s.
  • Establish an Art Centre cum Museum in Home Hill.
  • A footpath from the diorama to the Burdekin Bridge.

Long Term

My Council budget wish list for the long term. In no particular order

  • To make a conscious effort to increase channel and curbing in all areas over the Burdekin Shire.
  • A continuous footpath in Home Hill for walking so as to avoid having to walk on the road.
  • Wunjunga Road – place bitumen between the last two grids.
  • Investigate the drainage problem at Ferguson Road.
  • Wunjunga – extend the Funny Dunny caravan park to include camping and a playground.
  • More roundabouts in Home Hill at:
    • 10th Street and 9th Avenue.
    • 10th Street and 11th Avenue.
  • Install a roundabout at the Five Ways in Ayr.
  • Home Hill Swimming Pool needs shortening by 30 centimetres to make it a standard length so it can be used for competitions.

These are my personal views only.

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