Newsletter 43 – March 2019

Cane Farm Road

Big questions

  • Do you live in Home Hill or surrounding area?
  • Or do you even care where you live?
  • Are you a Cane Farmer?
  • Do you run a business?

Not so good news

Do we want to lose the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce that lobbies the Council on all sorts of matters on behalf of the Home Hill district?

This is a call for help – or better still assistance.

We as a community need to pull together to maintain the quality of life that we have in Home Hill, to keep this standard or better still to improve on it will take some work.

Some of this needs to be driven by the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce, but our voices are not loud enough to lobby to achieve any great changes in road works or drainage plus any number of changes for the better.

Not too many businesses are left in 8th Avenue so I’m asking you, the cane farmer, as you are in the business of cane farming which is very much part of our business community and so by joining you will make a difference.

OK, you don’t want to attend the meetings because you don’t get anything out of it but remember you and your family live in Home Hill.

It is fine if you don’t want to come to the meetings, but how about joining up and be a silent member, as we need the numbers to be able to achieve future goals for this side of the river.

A new secretary was needed and Mr Sid Ruskin put his hand up to help out, you might have heard him on a Sunday afternoon on Sweet FM.

The Treasurer’s job is filled by Renai and Amanda both with young families – the chamber can’t thank them enough for the time and effort that has been put in by both of them.


Please consider helping out.
You are desperately needed even if only as a financial member.

Now for some good news

The Bendigo Community Bank showing great faith in Home Hill approached me in 2018 on how best they could help Home Hill in general.

After a few meetings and a board meeting they accepted my suggestion of:

  • a battery and solar operated trailerable 5 colour VMS LED sign.

The Bendigo Community Bank is also looking at:

  • an LED fixed flat screen.

Either one of these screens can be set up anywhere yet to be decided in Home Hill.

These signs will be made available to all organizations and events and can also be used in disasters. In fact it will be used to inform all sorts of matters related to the public on this side of the river.

Again, I can’t thank the Bendigo Community Bank and directors enough in showing such a positive attitude towards Home Hill should this project become a reality.

In finishing

I hope the attitude from you the Home Hill people will be positive in obtaining new members for the Home Hill Chamber for the betterment for all.

Remember this is your town.

These are my personal views only.

How to contact me

You can contact me on my mobile phone or by emailing me.

Mobile Phone

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