Newsletter 46 – June 2019

Priorities and Setting The Right Goals

Whether we’ve got it, want it, or need it, we still need to make informed decisions about priorities and setting the right goals for the community.

Trying to connect, address and recognise the many concerns of all ratepayers is not an easy job as the budget gets closer. Everyone has a different concern with a different degree of complexity depending where you live in the Burdekin Shire.

The challenge is to have a list of priorities:

  • roads to be maintained
  • improve drainage and
  • vital infrastructure requirements

for shire-building across the whole of the Burdekin including Ayr, Home Hill and all smaller communities.

It takes determination setting goals and sticking to them and to keep going forward on an equal footing across the whole shire and knowing where to spend the rate dollar for the best possible results.

Curb Non-Essential Public Spending

I agree with the story/advertisement in the Advocate on the 1st and 22/5/2019 from the Kalamia Canegrowers asking for a curb in public non-essential spending for a more sustainable approach for the future, the other advertisement asked about rates and budget.

Just recently both Ted Bawden and I were the only ones to vote against an increase to fees and charges in this period leading up to the budget.

Addressing the Many Empty Shops in Home Hill

The reality is the many empty shops are not a good look when we are trying to attract visitors and new businesses to our shire.

Also, there are the many minor repairs and clean ups that take forever to be attended to.

Newcastle in NSW comes to mind that had a similar problem with their CBD maybe we should talk to these people and get some positive feedback/ideas of the change that helped them.

But again the difficulty is always paying for it.

Sweet Days and Hot Nights

Thu 30 May to Sat 1 June 2019

On a very positive note on the opening night of Sweet Days and Hot nights we will have a cane burning man again but this time much bigger.

I think we should come up with a name for this fellow because he will be around for a long time.

Please make your suggestions for a name on my Facebook Page.

More details are on:

The Potable Water Infrastructure in Home Hill

The State Government knows the importance of good local infrastructure spending and with this, Council has won approval, along with funding, to upgrade and improve the potable water infrastructure in Home Hill.

The upgrade includes a new large water storage tank, pumps and associated pipe works.

This will enhance the water security in Home Hill.

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