Newsletter 47 – July 2019

Comfort Stop Lizard Sculpture

Community investment at its best

250mm sewer rising main in 14th Avenue

Well there are good things happening in Home Hill and this might not sound exciting but the council workforce is installing a 250mm sewer rising main in 14th Avenue with minimal disruption to the residents in that area.

All precautions are being taken to protect existing infrastructure with the help of line detection gear and a vacuum truck as needed.

Congratulations to Scott and his team as the local residents are really happy with the finished job.

Thumbs up for this council crew.

Upgrade at the water tower

On the other side of town a major infrastructure upgrade at the water tower now holding 390,000 litres to an additional new above ground water reservoir to hold an additional 5,000,000 litres plus pipe and pumping installation.

The benefits of this project to be realised as soon as possible with a completion date by 30th June 2021.

The Queensland Government has approved funding of 60%.  The remaining 40% will be covered by council funds.

This project will boost the local economy even if only in a small way with a couple of new jobs.

A positive outcome for Home Hill.

Good news about the lizard sculptor

Some other good news.  The lizard sculptor that was stolen from the comfort stop has been replaced, all in a very short time.

Another thumbs up.

The Town Clock is on the blink again

Maybe you have noticed that the town clock is on the blink again.

Words just fail me that nearly three months on and it is still not fixed.

I’m not happy.

Let’s get the footpaths cleaned

Now if we could just get the footpaths cleaned on a regular basis we would have happy ratepayers and satisfied visitors.

The damaged banners

The damaged banners are to be taken down in the very near future and I don’t know at the present time if they will be replaced.

The 2019-2020 Budget

The highlight of the month has been the 2019 budget. The intensity over the last few months working on this one tough budget was not easy for me.

My Response for this 2019 Budget

Drawing on a lot of advice, my conclusion is as follows.

I would support the Burdekin Shire Council had it been a reasonable and balanced budget.

I will not support a budget where the ratepayers capacity to pay is tested in every way.

This is a budget that will push up the cost of living for the average ratepayer, business and rural sector throughout the Burdekin Shire.

Because in my opinion I believe I cannot and would not support higher fees for this shire when the economy is at such a low point with a declining population where more will be paid by fewer.

These are my personal views only.

How to contact me

You can contact me on my mobile phone or by emailing me.

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New sewer pipe line in 14th Ave