Newsletter 48 – August 2019

Home Hill High School Art

Diorama Catfish

Could the person or persons who left their pet catfish in the water feature at the diorama plus two catfish wings please pick them up as I don’t think we’re ready to start an public aquarium yet.

Thanks anyway.

Home Hill State High School Art on Display

The year ten Home Hill State High School students are able to display their art work.

This has been made possible with the help of art teacher Roxanne Roberts and with the generosity and donations from Home Hill Chamber of Commerce, Home Hill Rotary, and the donation of the empty 8th Avenue shop windows by Trevor Haller.

This has made a major improvement to the western side streetscape of Home Hill so please go and have a look and enjoy some of the young local talent.

It’s good to know our High School students are encouraged to have faith in their town.

The Town Clock is still on the blink

Cheesed off and spitting chips, where did we go wrong and what am I missing?

So how hard is to get the Home Hill town clock a community investment and an asset repaired or even looked at?

Sorry I forgot the clock is on the wrong side of the river.

This has gone on for many months or more, surely there must be a realistic time frame to get public assets repaired and if it can’t be repaired it needs to be replaced.

Money is always available for all matter of feasible studies etc.

Oops! I forgot it’s not in the budget but this is not funny anymore in fact it’s a disgrace and an insult to the people of Home Hill, and so much for trying to attract tourists.

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