Newsletter 49 – September 2019

Home Hill Comfort Stop with Burdekin flag

Cost of Rates

Council needs to recognise the cost of rates not just to farmers but to all rate payers.

It’s going to be a rough ride, fasten your seatbelt.  With the cost of living forever going up and wages not keeping pace it wont be a good outcome for a large number of the community.

Yes I keep going on about basic practical community infrastructure – drains, water and shire roads.

Maintaining these services is an ongoing priority and an economic burden that has to be addressed at all times by fewer ratepayers.

Many roads throughout the district lack line marking – this makes for unsafe driving.

Main Roads Problem

I spoke to Senator Mathias Cormann Minister for Finance and MP George Christensen member for Dawson about one major problem in front of the Home Hill Surgery in 8th Avenue.

The problem is about people getting in and out of their cars with great effort because of the very steep chamfer.

The feedback I got was positive.

This is not a major project but it will do a lot of good.

This is a Main Roads problem and with the help of council, we need to lobby the government strongly and often to get this problem fixed.

Town Clock is Back

It was a long battle and now the town clock is back and working after 5 months but who is counting.

The end result is positive and the town might get another 10 years out of the clock.

Home Hill Choral Society

The Home Hill Choral Society has acquired the old Bendigo Bank building.

Their high standard of entertainment will make this an exciting venture for the town, so make a date and turn for the next great show.

Well done guys.


Maybe we should show some patriotism and raise the right flag up at the Comfort Stop – the Australian flag.

Project to Upgrade 16th Street

You are not going to believe this.

After many workshop meetings, consulting with ratepayers on how council should go about this upgrade and trying to make everyone happy…

The project to upgrade 16th Street has been canned – another big knock back to the ratepayers of Home Hill.

The upside is that underground drainage pipes have been installed.

Red Tape of Bureaucracy

The red tape of bureaucracy just drives me mad.

As ratepayer and as a councillor I see many problems that affect the general public on a daily basis.

You would think that I would have the ability to fix or get the problem fixed.

But the reality is quite different and at times quite frustrating especially coming from a business background.

These are my personal views only.

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