Newsletter 50 – October 2019

Before I Die I Want To

What could affect my role as a councillor?

My letter this month is short as I need to rethink my decisions of what I can or can’t say or write about any subject that could affect my role as a councillor, even though these are my own personal opinions, and do not reflect anyone’s else’s views.

Do you have aspiration to be a councillor?

Are you or do you know of someone who has the aspiration to be a councillor?

Start thinking now about what preparations you need to do to be a councillor.

Step up to a very interesting job at the next local elections 28th March 2020 but make sure you have the time to apply yourself for this very intensive commitment.

2019 Harvest Festival Ephemera opening

The 2019 Harvest Festival Ephemera opening, a lead up to the Harvest Festival was a huge success even if I didn’t win.  The other art works were just too good.

My piece was an interactive piece where you could leave your own message

“Before I Die, I want to…”

This sign lets you express yourself and have your public say in a forever challenging politically correct controlled world.

The exhibition will be open until late November so go and have a look and leave a message.

Enhancing Home Hill in a positive way

Other news is that a small group of people have had their first meeting last week to enhance the overall picture of Home Hill in a positive way.

The off spin will be some jobs but overall it is to create a positive view of Home Hill.

These are my personal views only.

How to contact me

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