Newsletter 51 – November 2019

Uli Liessmann with Evolution Manager Anton Kurger

Town Clock

Town clock is working again, top marks.

8th Avenue Footpath Cleaning

Sadly, no change to the footpaths condition in 8th Avenue.

How about we all show a little civic pride and at least hose down the foot path in front of our own business. It would help as council is just not getting around this job fast enough or often enough to stop the daily complaints about the mess the pigeons make.

The other solution would be a foot path sweeper whilst I acknowledge that the Council decision on this matter represents the majority view of the Council, and the decision was made democratically, I am personally of the view that that this is the only way that footpaths throughout the shire can be cleaned to a respectable condition.

Vacuum Road Sweeper for Home Hill

Mt Carlton Mine Visit

A few of us went on an excursion to have a look at the mining set up at Mt Carlton about one and half hours south-west of Home Hill.

The open cut mine was quite impressive; the operation is a sustainable, reliable and low-cost production gold operation.

We were all well received with lunch and a tour of the mine site by management and staff and many questions were asked and well answered.

The best part I like is that there is a focus on employing locals.

Jobs at Mt Carlton on Seek Employment website.

Mt Carlton webpage.

Evolution also donates to and sponsors many charitable organisations which show a social conscience towards the local community.

Twice-Yearly Rate Notice Survey

Council is conducting a phone survey to change to a twice-yearly rate notice.

Should you agree to this change you will pay more remember there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Ted and I have strong reservations regarding this proposal as there will be an added cost to the bottom line on your next rate notice.

Should you receive a phone poll regarding this proposal I urge you to listen carefully to the questionnaire before you decide on your answer. We are only trying to keep costs down for you the ratepayer.

Remember this will affect you the cane farmer as well as every member in the community.

The best way is to prepay, this is what I do, not the perfect solution but pay we must.

Government Art Funding

This month I attended my only council conference this year and learned a lot about how to obtain Government Art funding.

Let’s say I was overloaded with ‘down-loads’ but the end result could be an off spin with grant money and a few jobs as I try to fit these grants to whatever can be achieved here in the Burdekin.

These are my personal views only.

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