Vacuum Pump 2019

Home Hill Vacuum Pump 2019

The Vacuum Pump was part of the original equipment of Inkerman Mill. It was installed in 1914 and remained in service until 1964.

It was donated by the Mill to the Home Hill Lions who installed it in the Diorama Park.

The project upgrade was delivered with the help of Maxi Built, artist John Bradshaw, the guys from the Burdekin Bridge and funded by the Qld Government and not forgetting the Council.

Love it or hate it, this project has surpassed all expectation such as a brighter and fresher look for the entrance to Home Hill, making it a focal point for discussion and having people stopping to get their photo taken.

Art makes for discussion and if you are talking about this pump in any form or way you are adding to its significance and value thank you.

I would like to see the old cane harvester painted the same and while I’m on the subject how about painting the mill locos the same it might put a smile on people’s faces.


Home Hill Vacuum Pump 2019