Election Statement March 2020

Flood Damage Happening

Rate Payers Matter

  • When it comes to essential services getting priorities.
  • Workable well maintained drainage all over the shire.
  • A good safe and reliable water supply with adequate water pressure.
  • A sewerage system that is maintained and water proof from external water intrusion.
  • White line marking on drivable country roads.
  • What matters is all the above because they affect our daily lives.
  • What matters is when money is diverted and used for non-essential projects.
  • Infrastructure is kept in good working order and upgraded as needed.
  • What matters is without like-minded candidates nothing will change.

My vote will be for CPI rate increase only and this includes fees and charges.

These are my personal views only.

How to contact me

You can contact me on my mobile phone or by emailing me.

Mobile Phone

0439 822 064



These two images show how flood damage happens and what ends up having to be fixed.

Flood Damage Happening

Flood Damage Results