Newsletter 54 – February 2020

Uli Liessmann Election Poster

Council Elections

The Council elections will be held on the 28th March, please check out the candidates and choose carefully because whoever you pick will be with you for the next four years.

Ratepayers Matter

Let me say Ratepayers do matter, because you and I pay rates and I think we want a voice in determining where rate money should be spent.

At present I represent the people of the Burdekin without exception. I will keep asking the difficult questions – and every now and then I will hear the answer I’m looking for.

I will again put my hand up to try and do a difficult job in the sense of getting small problems solved in an acceptable time.

Essential Jobs

We should look at the next four years where Council should concentrate only on essential jobs and keeping rates at current CPI rate.

When it comes to essential services and getting priorities right.

I’m talking about the smaller jobs such as clean drains. Workable drainage is a big problem all over the Burdekin shire and if this means council needs to employ more labour so be it.

Some ratepayers are still waiting forty years on at the expense of other larger follies to get channel and curbing so that they might get out of their driveway.

A reliable safe clean water supply with adequate water pressure which is extremely important, without water we as a community cease to exist.

A sewerage system that is maintained and water proof from external water intrusion is an ongoing job and not an easy fix but it needs to be done now.

Safe all-weather country line marked roads which could have the potential to save lives.

All the above matter because it affects the quality of our daily lives

Home Hill Industrial Estate?

Do we need an industrial estate in Home Hill?
I would say yes, if we hope to have any growth on this side of the river, growth means jobs and jobs mean people?

Minimise Outside Contractors

Keep the local work force employed with minimum outside contractors, as the shire needs the money to be spent here in the Burdekin.

These are my personal views only.

How to contact me

You can contact me on my mobile phone or by emailing me.

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