Newsletter 55 – April 2020

Lloyd Mann Park Shelter

Council Elections

Well it was not to be, but thank you one and all who voted for me.

A special thanks to the people I worked with in council.  You are a great bunch and thanks again.

I was hoping to achieve immediate relief from rates, fees and charges in this most pressing off times – in other words absolutely no increase in any form or way well it looks like that won’t happen.


There is no avoiding all the information in regard to COVID-19 so everyone’s priority at all times should be safety, health and the well-being of our family, people and the community at large.

The public is at risk with close contact so please keep your distance.

Anzac Day Parade

One of the sad things to come out of this is that the Anzac Day Parade may have to be cancelled, this is always one community event that I look forward to every year.  Well there is always next year.

It seems that we go from one major conflict to another.

We will overcome COVID-19 we just need to buckle down and hang in there and play it safe.

We can still pay tribute to the most significant event in our national calendar on the 25th April by each and everyone flying the Australian flag big or small.

Lloyd Mann Park Shelter

Have you noticed the new shelter and the extra seating and table in Lloyd Mann Park?

They look good and are a real asset to the community and a plus for Home Hill.

Thank you and have a great day.

These are my personal views only.

How to contact me

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Lloyd Mann Park – construction of new shelter, footpaths and seating.

Lloyd Mann Park Shelter


Lloyd Mann Park Seating Slab