Newsletter 56 – May 2020

First Day 2020

Dear reader here is a view point with a difference.

It was not to be

Well it was not to be, but I did enjoy my years in council, so now I will be looking for a new career, namely pushing the wheelbarrow for Home Hill.

As an observer and looking in I will keep asking questions in regard to what will Home Hill get?

Because of the structure of council I now will not hear a lot and will have to wait and listen and try to read between the lines.

The Newspaper prints as good as nothing in regard to council business and we must remember council business is rate payer business. Council minutes report the bare minimal.

Yes saying this I will be labelled as negative – nothing new, but how about an alternative view point and not following blindly without any opposing opinion.

The biggest challenge for council will be to be open and transparent and present the facts and figures so as no one can read anything into the rose-coloured facts as presented at present.

This would save council from constantly trying to justify itself – not an easy task.

Top marks to the general public

Top marks to the general public who have supported our business and have kept everyone in a job.

Also, everyone has been following the simple rules that we have in place to help protect the public against COVID-19, so keep being safe and aware of your surroundings.

Comfort Stop Toilets

I believe that the Comfort Stop toilets should be open.

I ask where and what can the public use?

Close down the hot plates the showers etc. and fence off the seating, but surely the toilets need to remain open.

Story of the week

A local needed to use the convenience at the Comfort Stop before it was closed.

Upon entering, our local noticed that both cubicle doors were locked.

The local was about to leave when one of the doors opened and out walks a not so nice occupant with an arm full of toilet paper.

Our local asked nicely “how about leaving some paper”.

Where upon the occupant smartly gave our local a mouth full and a small altercation followed.

This not so pleasant person was sat on his end while clutching an arm full of ill begotten gains, and with this our hero drove off into the sunset.

True story no bull.

These are my personal views only.

How to contact me

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