Newsletter 57 – June 2020

Home Hill Road Conditions

Sweet FM 97.1

The station to listen to in the Burdekin is Radio Sweet FM 97.10.

How many of you in radio land listen to our local Radio Sweet FM, broad casting out of the old court house in Home Hill?

The station is run by approximately 20 volunteers who include the broadcasters and exists on paid advertisements from sponsors and the good will of the council.

How can the station boost listening numbers?
Or better still what do you as a listener like to hear, what sort of program more music, different music, talk back shows or maybe a book read in chapter form?

Let the station know because if you don’t say, how will they know?

I know the station would like more advertisers as this will keep the power on.

Council Animal Control Compliment

A positive for the blokes in Council Animal Control, they get the BIG THUMBS UP for collecting stray dogs off the streets in Home Hill – good job.

Council Post Hole Gang Compliment

Not forgetting the pothole gang repairing holes the next day after receiving the complaint.

On the down side no one is impressed by some of the road conditions on this side of the river (see picture) and this just before the start of the crushing.

Minutes of Council General Business

Following on from my last letter re Council minutes I would appreciate, and I think the rest of the community likewise, if some councillor was to move a motion to get general business printed in the minutes, so that the general public can read what each councillor has to say.

This is to say yes we are open and transparent and these are the facts.

The public need constructive feedback and to know that you are all alive.
The reason for wanting and needing this change is because; can anyone with clarity remember what was said and by whom at the last meeting or even a couple of months ago?
(This was to be my first motion, but it was not to be).
Now let’s see which councillor has got enough gumption to bring this up and who will second this motion, this will be very interesting to say the least.

Cool News

A Mining company has been drilling core test holes for possible minerals deposits just south of Home Hill and in the Burdekin Shire.

I wish them the best of luck as it could mean a few local jobs for locals.


A bit of historical trivia – in 1975 Home Hill had 147 business operating.


Quote of the week “Make Home Hill your Home”.

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