Newsletter 58 – July 2020

Not Happy

Make Home Hill your Home

Don’t you just love getting this message on your phone – “Your call is important to us.”

Had a bad experience a couple of weeks ago.

I got a letter in regard some work that was to be done in the township of Home Hill.

The letter stated that should I need more information in regard to this work I was to call this number, which I did.

After a lot of toing and froing I got to the person whose name was on the letter. The person was quite friendly.

When I referred to the letter that I had received, I was told they were in no position to answer my question, but promised to get back to me after consulting with someone higher up on the food chain, but guess what after three weeks I’m still hanging.

My point is that sheer ignorance and bad manners are no excuse.

I’m asking, “Why send the letter in the first place if they were not prepared to address some simple questions?”

Is this just done to stuff up my day or is this done to fill in their day?

What they are saying?
Go away we are too busy, your problem or question is just not important enough, and it seems the top end of these business/organisations are just too busy to answer some lowly question which they requested in the first place.

While I’m on the band wagon about service, I left a message and then a text on their phone and hopeing for a response which I will never receive or maybe if and when they are good and ready and then it will be too late.

A sensible and easy fix would be a simple reply within a reasonable time frame – gee is this asking too much

Bad manners, when it comes from the people in management are not good.

These are my personal views only.

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