Newsletter 60 – September 2020

Home Hill High School -The Dig INN

Home Hill High School – The Dig INN

The Home Hill High School has a new project called “The Dig INN” this is an Ag Plot funded by the Local Community Grant.

This new project is led by Louise, Teacher Agricultural Science. The project is the gateway to agribusiness to Industry School and for future young Farmers.

Basically the Ag Prac students will oversee the plot – insects, pests, diseases, watering issues, soil testing, crop yields, crop health growth rates, harvesting etc.

At present there are 12 rows that have been planted with a variety of capsicum, tomatoes, egg plants, pumpkins and cabbage. This is a 10 out of 10 project.

Home Hill High School - The Dig INN machinery

Fairy Lights

Heard on the grapevine, hope it is true. Home Hill might be getting three trees decorated with fairy lights in 8th Ave in the near future, good move.

Home Hill RSL

The Home Hill RSL Sub Branch held its AGM on the 27th July with a very good attendance, all committee members were re-elected with Richard Kelly as President and the demanding job as Secretary to Alan Petersen followed by Ron Clive as Treasurer.

One of the topics of discussion was the war graves plaques that are to be installed at the Home Hill Cemetery to honour past diggers. A lot of work has gone into this project and should be finalised in the near future.

Wally Ford renovating memorial plaque

Vietnam Veterans Association

The Vietnam Veterans Association commemorated the battle of Long Tan at Deep Creek Veterans Retreat on the 18th August which was well attended by all. All Dignitaries were MIA were not missed but remembered.

Footpath Sweeper

Do you look a gift horse in the mouth? Obviously the Council does. Dale Last MP offered Council a footpath sweeper at no cost which was knocked back immediately by some of the councillors, great work guys. One of the excuses was that council would have to put on another employee, good one.

Footpath sweeper needed for the Burdekin

Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020

I read with great interest the very many words of the overview for economic development within the shire.

Another thought why not concentrate and support economic development on local business that employs local people within the shire.

Provide a pathway to help and support existing businesses to keep their doors open and retain their employees who need their jobs.

Small towns are struggling, amid the economic downturn and not to mention the flow on affect from the virus is not helping.

Empty Shops

A comparison of empty shops in Home Hill in comparison with other centres (throughout Queensland) follows:

• Home Hill 26

• Townsville 49

• Bundaberg 45

• Maryborough 46

• and the list goes on and forever changes.

On the bright side older style properties are selling at a reduced rate. The down side to this is the valuation of all properties around will decrease.

Ayr Industrial Estate

Also the Government has knocked back Councils funding application for the Ayr Industrial Estate all the more reason to help local businesses stay afloat.

These are my personal views only.

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