Newsletter 63 – December 2020

Home Hill Tenth Avenue Park

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day in Home Hill had a small crowd both young and old to pay homage to the fallen in World War One. There was a noticeable absence of Council officials. Thumbs down on this one.

Tenth Avenue Park

A lot of money is spent on parks throughout the shire, and it shows as they all look clean, green, and tidy.  In other words, they are a credit to the staff that look after them.

So, what is wrong with the small park in Tenth Avenue?  It’s brown and has the best crop of bullheads in the Burdekin.

Let’s find a few extra dollars in the budget and clean it up so that it can be used.

Pigeon Droppings on the Footpath

In reference to the newspaper article – I agree with Councillor Boccalatte that there should be no pigeon droppings on the footpath and I agree property owners should maintain their premises to an acceptable and aesthetic look.

To fix this problem council has adopted or will adopt amendments (article in newspaper) to be able to take action against offending landlords who may well be absentee owners.

How will this be enforced?

To clean or carry out maintenance of a footpath could place a person at risk from passing traffic.

When considering control measures such as road or footpath closures, advice and approvals should be obtained from relevant authorities, including the local council, where the work is to be conducted.

Having property owners carry out works on Council Property is risky at the best of times.

And more problems when hosing down the footpath who pays for the water?

Footpath closure would be required.  What specific insurance cover would Council provide the ratepayer under workplace health, safety act – The Queensland code of practice was preserved as a code of practice under section 284 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. Code of Practice 2008 (PN11191) Page 10 of 28

Happy Christmas and a Safe New Year

This is the last letter of the year. I wish all readers a happy Christmas and a safe new year.

Also, thanks to the many readers who got back to me with positive feedback in regard to my comments over the year.

These are my personal views only.

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