Newsletter 64 – Christmas 2020

2020 Home Hill Community Christmas Carols

2020 Community Christmas Carols

2020 has been a hell of a year with all its ups and downs but ended off with a well-run Christmas pageant on Sunday the 13th December.
(image courtesy of Burdekin Drones)

This was was well attended by a large crowd who watched some great entertainment in the Home Hill High School grounds, top marks to the council staff that organised this event. I don’t think anyone walked away unhappy and not to mention the many prize winners.

The Christmas lights are looking good throughout Home Hill, and I know a lot of work and effort has gone into making this a bright Christmas especially after this not so good year.

Thank you all for your efforts they are well appreciated by all.

9th Avenue Footpath

In case you have not noticed Council, work gangs have been working in extreme heat on an extended footpath along 9th Avenue. This will be a big safety improvement to this Avenue both for young and old.

9th Avenue Footpath Crossing

Vandalised Shop Windows

On not a so good note is this what Home Hill is heading for now and in the near future? With the many vacant shops and here I agree property owners and absentee land lords should maintain their premises to an acceptable and safe level.

To fix this problem council need to be more assertive in dealing with this problem.

A solution would be to board up the windows and paint them with bright colours at property owners’ expense, no more broken glass and resulting in a cleaner shop front.

Vandalised Shop Front in Home Hill 1

Vandalised Shop Front in Home Hill 2

Vandalised Shop Front in Home Hill 3

Home Hill Showpiece Garden?

Another small matter… What has happened with this 10k in kind donation garden bed from council?

It was to be a showpiece in front of the clock. At present for sure it could not look any worse.

This is the entrance and first impression to our town.

Garden at Entrance to Home Hill

Where are Mum and Dad?

This photo was taken on the on 2.12.2020 around 8am.

This small fellow about 3.5m and lives under the Burdekin Bridge on the Ayr side, and he must have a bigger mother and father somewhere so don’t go swimming under the bridge!

Croc Under the Burdekin Bridge Dec 2020

Now make sure you finish the year being happy, crack a couple of jokes and stay safe.

On another happy note, this Christmas instead of giving presents, I’m giving my opinions.

These are my personal views only.

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