Newsletter 49 – September 2019

Home Hill Comfort Stop with Burdekin flag

We need to watch the cost of rates and at the same time provide basic community infrastructure. The Home Hill Choral Society has acquired the old Bendigo Bank building. The town clock is back. Upgrade to 16th Street shelved.

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Newsletter 48 – August 2019

Home Hill High School Art

Year ten students at Home Hill State High School are able to display their art work thanks to the help of art teacher Roxanne Roberts, assisted by the generosity and donations from Home Hill Chamber of Commerce and Home Hill Rotary. Trevor Haller donated the empty 8th Avenue shop windows.

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Newsletter 47 – July 2019

Comfort Stop Lizard Sculpture

I'm concerned that the budget will put up the cost of living. Community Investment for a 250mm sewer rising main in 14th Avenue and a new 5Million litre water tank and pumping facility. The damaged banners will be removed. The Lizard Sculpture has been replaced, The town clock needs fixing and…

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Newsletter 46 – June 2019

Making informed decisions about priorities and setting the right goals on behalf of the community means curbing non essential public spending in the budget. State Government provides funding to upgrade and improve the potable water infrastructure in Home Hill. Sweet Days and Hot Nights Festival Thu 30 May-Sat 1 Jun

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Newsletter 45 – May 2019

Ripped flags need replacing in Home Hill

The 2019/20 budget is not far off and the decisions to be made are not easy if one is to be fair and just and how does one measure a vibrant C.B.D? Can we transform empty shops to affordable town houses to help bring people back into town and end up…

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Newsletter 44 – April 2019

Plantation Park Nature Based Play Area Swing Frames

New Land Valuations cause concern by lowering residential land values and raising rural land values. Major Works are ongoing in Ayr but none for Home Hill. How about a museum and upgrading Memorial Hall in Home Hill.

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Newsletter 43 – March 2019

Cane Farm Road

Do you live in Home Hill or surrounding area? Are you a Cane Farmer or run some other business? We really need you to consider joining your Home Hill Chamber of Commerce.

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Newsletter 42 – January 2019

Home Hill Courthouse

It is 2019 and I was only just getting used to 2018. Lots happening this year including the start of the Haughton River Bridge Upgrade. Congratulations go to Bill and Betty Lucas for their achievements in getting top honours as Citizens of the year.

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Newsletter 41 – December 2018

Pipeline Valves

So much is happening around the Shire with new water infrastructure for Ayr and Home Hill, a new Doctor’s Surgery in Home Hill, the excellent Harvest Festival parade, the100 Anniversary Armistice Day and dedication of the Home Hill War Memorial.

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