Uli Liessmann Artistic Achievements - The Round About 12.05.2006

Uli Liessmann – Artistic Achievements – The Round About 12.05.2006

Reported in the Round About on 12.05.2006

I am a serious artist & work in all mediums but mostly in pastel.

My works depict life in the last century between 1920 & 1940 as this was a time of great change both socially & politically. I draw inspiration from the old world inner cities for their architecture & people. They are as new today as then because human nature does not change.

All the pictures tell a story about life which is as relevant now as it was in yesteryear. The artworks focus on the vagaries of human nature & about the unchanging events of life.

I promote myself & my works through the many art groups of the Burdekin & Townsville region.

My aim is to always work towards solo exhibitions which take an average of two years to compile the artworks, as on average it takes about six to eight weeks to produce one piece.

My next exhibition is in July 2006 at the Zaro Art Gallery, Eighth Avenue, Home Hill.

At present I am also working towards publishing a book of my art work, as well as writing children’s books which I also illustrate. In 2002 I was awarded the ‘2002 Burdekin Australia Day, Cultural Award’.

My artworks are on permanent display at the Ayr & Home Hill Libraries for all to enjoy. I have sold numerous pieces at all exhibitions.

Uli Liessmann
PO Box 10
Home Hill, Qld 4806

Ph: (07) 4782 1612