Newsletter 58 – July 2020

Not Happy

Don’t you just love getting this message - "Your call is important to us." I had a bad experience a couple of weeks ago. I called back a number as requested and asked a question, but guess what... after three weeks I’m still hanging. I’m asking, "Why send the letter in the…

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Newsletter 57 – June 2020

Home Hill Road Conditions

Local road conditions need improving. How can we boost Sweet FM listening numbers? BIG THUMBS UP for collecting stray dogs off the streets in Home Hill. Is a new mine coming to Home Hill? In 1975 Home Hill had 147 business operating.

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Newsletter 56 – May 2020

First Day 2020

Well it was not to be, but I did enjoy my years in council, so now I will be looking for a new career, namely pushing the wheelbarrow for Home Hill. Top marks to the general public that has supported our business and has kept everyone in a job. Also,…

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Newsletter 55 – April 2020

Lloyd Mann Park Shelter

Council Elections - Well it was not to be, but thank you one and all who voted for me. A special thanks to the people I worked with in council you are a great bunch and thanks again. COVID-19 - everyone’s priority at all times should be safety, health and…

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Election Statement March 2020

Flood Damage Happening

Rate payers matter. What council does affects our daily lives. My vote will be for CPI rate increase only and this includes fees and charges.

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Newsletter 54 – February 2020

Uli Liessmann Election Poster

The Council elections will be held on the 28th March, please check out the candidates and choose carefully because whoever you pick will be with you for the next four years.At present I represent the people of the Burdekin without exception. I will keep asking the difficult questions…

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Newsletter 53 – Christmas 2019

Christmas Lights Award 2019

Loretta and I wish all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. A very successful Christmas lights competition was won by the Kelly family. Christmas carol night was well attended and thanks to everyone for making the effort for this great night. I would like to suggest that the Burdekin Chambers…

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Vacuum Pump 2019

Home Hill Vacuum Pump 2019

The Vacuum Pump was part of the original equipment of Inkerman Mill. It was installed in 1914 and remained in service until 1964.Art makes for discussion and if you are talking about this pump in any form or way you are adding to its significance and value thank…

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Newsletter 52 – December 2019

Burdekin Bore Control Panel

Water Security in the Burdekin Council is at present looking for new bore fields with some success. Water security is the big issue across the country as well as here in the Burdekin. Home Hill water is fairing not too bad at the present time but council can never take…

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Newsletter 51 – November 2019

Uli Liessmann with Evolution Manager Anton Kurger

Town clock is working again, top marks.How about we all show a little civic pride and hose down the 8th Avenue foot path in front of our own businesses, or maybe get a foot path sweeper.Mt Carlton Gold Mine visit was informative and highlighted a focus on employing…

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