Newsletter 65 – February 2021

Home Hill Water Tank Site

Good news - council has finally started on the potable water storage tank next to the water tower. Radio Sweet FM has gone another step by purchasing a van to make outside broadcasting a lot easier. Can we save the old CWA sign and save it as a historic item before the…

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Newsletter 64 – Christmas 2020

2020 Home Hill Community Christmas Carols

2020 has been a hell of a year with all its ups and downs but ended off with a well-run Christmas pageant Home Hill High School on Sunday 13 December. (image courtesy of Burdekin Drones) Upgrades to 9th Avenue footpath continue. Shop windows vandalised. And don't go swimming by the Burdekin Bridge!

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Newsletter 63 – December 2020

Home Hill Tenth Avenue Park

A small crowd gathered for Remembrance Day in Home Hill. Let's clean up the Tenth Avenue Park. More on Pigeon Droppings on the Footpath and enforcement. Finally have a Happy Christmas and a Safe New Year

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Newsletter 62 – November 2020

A lot of yellow lines in Railway Avenue

There's a lot of yellow lines in Railway Avenue. SweetFM to do training and save old radios, record players and LP collections. Government now requires for more transparent meeting agendas. How about repairing the forecourt at the Comfort Stop. What happened to the new Home Hill water storage facility.

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Newsletter 61 – October 2020

Low cost development - Vegetable stall

Local veggies for the travelling public and locals via honour payments. Footpath in the vicinity of the Doctors Surgery a health hazard. We now have a new local newspaper. Where is the Sugar Cane Sculptor?

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Newsletter 60 – September 2020

Home Hill High School -The Dig INN

The Home Hill High School has a new project called “The Dig INN” this is an Ag Plot funded by the Local Community Grant. Home Hill RSL Sub Branch held its AGM. Small towns are struggling with 26 empty shops in Home Hill.

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Newsletter 59 – August 2020

Charlie Scudari, Eric Mann, Uli Liessmann

The Home Hill Court House first built in 1937 is getting a major upgrade - the first in many years. There is a possibility of a new newspaper “Burdekinlocal” being printed in late August to service the Burdekin and beyond. It was great to have visit from the One Nation leader…

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Newsletter 58 – July 2020

Not Happy

Don’t you just love getting this message - "Your call is important to us." I had a bad experience a couple of weeks ago. I called back a number as requested and asked a question, but guess what... after three weeks I’m still hanging. I’m asking, "Why send the letter in the…

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Newsletter 57 – June 2020

Home Hill Road Conditions

Local road conditions need improving. How can we boost Sweet FM listening numbers? BIG THUMBS UP for collecting stray dogs off the streets in Home Hill. Is a new mine coming to Home Hill? In 1975 Home Hill had 147 business operating.

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Newsletter 56 – May 2020

First Day 2020

Well it was not to be, but I did enjoy my years in council, so now I will be looking for a new career, namely pushing the wheelbarrow for Home Hill. Top marks to the general public that has supported our business and has kept everyone in a job. Also,…

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