Newsletter 62 – November 2020

A lot of yellow lines in Railway Avenue

There's a lot of yellow lines in Railway Avenue. SweetFM to do training and save old radios, record players and LP collections. Government now requires for more transparent meeting agendas. How about repairing the forecourt at the Comfort Stop. What happened to the new Home Hill water storage facility.

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Newsletter 61 – October 2020

Low cost development - Vegetable stall

Local veggies for the travelling public and locals via honour payments. Footpath in the vicinity of the Doctors Surgery a health hazard. We now have a new local newspaper. Where is the Sugar Cane Sculptor?

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Newsletter 47 – July 2019

Comfort Stop Lizard Sculpture

I'm concerned that the budget will put up the cost of living. Community Investment for a 250mm sewer rising main in 14th Avenue and a new 5Million litre water tank and pumping facility. The damaged banners will be removed. The Lizard Sculpture has been replaced, The town clock needs fixing and…

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