Newsletter 28 – October 2017

Street Art

The first street art for Home Hill is finished on the QCCU bank wall with a majority of likes better than I expected.

I was asked “will it save Home Hill?” – well my answer is it definitely won’t hurt as a fresh lick of paint can only leave a positive image for Home Hill.

There was a big nod of approval and thumbs up from the many tourists at the comfort stop, for the young Townsville artist who completed the first of three walls.

This could lead to an art trail from Giru to Inkerman Hill somewhat like what Townsville is trying to do.

Ephemera Art at Lloyd Mann Park

The Harvest Festival committee is well on its way with the Ephemera project at Lloyd Mann Park with the first piece of art, a bright question mark, you cannot miss it.

A total number of ten entries have been received and I hope there will be some controversial art pieces there to create some interest.

Tableland Regional Council Leads by Example

Had a few days off  with some travelling on the Atherton tableland, met a lot of new people in local government and also visited the old Herberton Shire Council Chambers were I worked back in the 70s.

The region is now called TRC (Tableland Regional Council) I had a tour of the shire with a local councillor who showed me the attractions that TRC has in their shire to attract and keep tourists.

Very impressive with 25 galleries and small historical museums and modern visitor information centres all help to attract visitors; this is their gateway to their region.

What I’m trying to say is if TRC can do it so can our shire, we need to build for tomorrow to help to show case our region. This council has the will power and the ability with council labour, plant and equipment to do this it will create jobs and that is what is needed to hold people in our shire.

Moving Australia Day

Now for the serious stuff, and I don’t know if you read this or heard about it but at the 2017 Australian Local Government National General assembly in Canberra the City of Hobart put a motion for local government to support moving the date of Australia Day.  Now what?


Now for a bit of trivia that you might need to know about councils in Queensland.

We have 77 councils in this state, which employ

  • 39697 employees,
  • 579 councillors,
  • $25 billion in water and sewer infrastructure,
  • over 153000 km of local roads and
  • 53245 hectares of parks and playgrounds
  • and the list goes on.

These are my personal views only.

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