Newsletter 58a – July 2020

Charlie Scudari, Eric Mann, Uli Liessmann

The Home Hill Court House first built in 1937 is getting a major upgrade - the first in many years. There is a possibility of a new newspaper “Burdekinlocal” being printed in late August to service the Burdekin and beyond. It was great to have visit from the One Nation leader…

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Newsletter 58 – July 2020

Not Happy

Don’t you just love getting this message - "Your call is important to us." I had a bad experience a couple of weeks ago. I called back a number as requested and asked a question, but guess what... after three weeks I’m still hanging. I’m asking, "Why send the letter in the…

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Vacuum Pump 2019

Home Hill Vacuum Pump 2019

The Vacuum Pump was part of the original equipment of Inkerman Mill. It was installed in 1914 and… Read More