Newsletter 59 – August 2020

Charlie Scudari, Eric Mann, Uli Liessmann


There is a possibility of a new newspaper “Burdekinlocal” being printed in late August to service the Burdekin and beyond.

I spoke with the Director and he said with the support both from the public and council it will be a goer.

Pauline Hansen visit

It was great to see a leader from one of the major political parties taking the time to visit Home Hill.

The visit was from the One Nation leader Pauline Hansen, dropped into Sweet FM radio station for a bit of a talk.

This lady spoke well showing a keen interest in the Burdekin and when answering questions put to her, she never steered away from the subject.

Pity some of the other leaders didn’t take the time to find out where Home Hill is or better still where the Burdekin Shire is located in Queensland and have a bit of a discussion about the needs and wants of the Burdekin Shire.

Home Hill Court House

In case you are wondering what is happing at the Home Hill Court House with all the scaffolding around the building – well the building is getting a major upgrade the first in many years.

It was first built in 1937 and closed in 1963.

The upgrade is being undertaken by WF Construction, with an employment opportunity of about 10 men over many weeks in many trades.

This job includes roof cleaning, paint jobs, new gutter, down pipes and replacing all the pillars on the verandas anchoring the roof to the foundations, plus many other minor jobs.

All this has been made possible with Government funding and to the tune of 100k support from the council.

With this work having been carried out, this iconic building will have many years left.

Memorial Plaque Restoration

A top job has been done with the assistance of council employees Chris Patrick and Wally Ford in restoring the memorial plaque (honour board) to honour the fallen in the First World War 1914 to 1919.

When finished this plaque will be hung in the small meeting room at the Memorial Hall for the RSL.

Wally Ford renovating memorial plaque

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