Newsletter 62 – November 2020

A lot of yellow lines in Railway Avenue

Yellow Lines

Small observation and wondering – do we want tourists/Grey Nomads to stop in Home Hill after noticing the many yellow lines in Railway Avenue? (See main picture)

Sweet FM

The Sweet FM committee in its monthly meeting worked through a large agenda which was accepted by the committee with a lot of positive conclusions.

One of the discussions was on improving the broadcasting quality with training made available to new and old broadcasters, which will be put into action ASAP.

Should you have any old radios or record players or any other items that pertain to radios that are no longer needed or wanted, Sweet FM would be happy to take them off your hands to add to its collection of LP records before all is lost. This will later become a small static display for public viewing.

Improved Transparency in Council

I read with great interest about the Accountability and Integrity Amendment Act 2020 for Local Government Reforms, for improved transparency in Council.

Government now requires for more transparent meeting agendas and fewer matters allowed to be discussed in closed meetings, and about time.

Over two terms I asked for a Hansard reporting system, that is to say everything is recorded, what is said in meetings and by who.  I was always howled down, and the excuse was always “Who is going to pay for it?” But there was always money available for feasibility studies big or small.

Comfort Stop Forecourt

While calling for faith in the Shire and talking about a proposed water park, how about repairing the forecourt at the Comfort Stop, which has been on the table for four years waiting for repair.

Clean Footpaths

With disbelieve I read council will accept $2.5 million from Dale Last MP for a water park should the LNP achieve State government. But council will not accept a footpath sweeper worth approx $50k from the same source, obviously clean footpaths throughout the Shire are just not a priory or on the agenda

Water Storage Facilities

Talking about water what has happen to the new water storage facilities next to the water tower in Home Hill? This work was to have been started early this year? As always there are probably more pressing water jobs on the north side. (See picture below)

Home Hill Water Tower

Home Hill Water Tower

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